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Minutes are for
$50 product.
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Tristan Da Cunha 224¢ 22
     No Connection Fee
1-800-726-0542 Toll-free
(A 2¢/min surcharge applies.)
    69¢ Weekly Fee
This fee is deducted after the first call and each week thereafter.

TIP: You can avoid this fee by using all of the available minutes in a single call or by purchasing a card with no fees.
     1 Minute Rounding
Calls will be rounded up to the next multiple of 1 minutes.
Example: a call lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds minutes will be billed for 4 minutes.

TIP: Reduce rounding costs by purchasing products which round to one minute or less or by using all of the available minutes in a single call.
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Note: Minutes are based on optimal usage patterns which avoid most taxes, surcharges and fees. Your usage pattern may yield fewer minutes.
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