Merchant Shield

We Deliver E-commerce Security!

The MerchantShield fraud screening system defends e-commerce business against online fraud.

Tools for combating online fraud typically include AVS, CV2, payer authentication services, and experience-based decision models for in-house review of suspect orders, including such factors as geo-location, negative lists, and order history.

Operating under a powerful decision information system, MerchantShield clients, including those in high-risk industries, are experiencing fraud losses as low as two-tenths of one-percent of gross revenue without sacrificing order acceptance rates.

Most third-party fraud detection services available today supply rule-based algorithms of varying sophistication to defeat fraudsters.

MerchantShield leverages its own effective rule-based system with a proprietary, state-of-the-art statistical filter. The combination results in a system that learns: it adjusts both to unique industry patterns and emerging fraud risks, adapting in real-time to fraudsters' latest tactics.

This power gives unmatched protection to merchants, particularly those offering instant activation or email delivery of high-risk items, such as: gift cards, prepaid calling cards, and other stored value products, software activation codes, and media access or downloads. Merchants shipping hard goods are likely to experience unprecedented order acceptance and fraud protection.

Merchantshield is presently under exclusive license to Payment processors, order management ASP's and large-scale ecommerce operations are encouraged to inquire.

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